Bio-Hack Your Best Life

Live Healthier with these Vitamins and Minerals

September 26, 2023 Elisabeth Hoekstra Season 4 Episode 17
Bio-Hack Your Best Life
Live Healthier with these Vitamins and Minerals
Bio-Hack Your Best Life
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Show Notes

Live Healthier with these Vitamins and Minerals with Elisabeth Hoekstra & Billy Carson special guest Dr. William Wallace 

Grounding products


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The Mother Earth Effect

The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness by Elisabeth Hoekstra

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Dr. William Wallace
Dr. William Wallace holds a master’s degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science and a Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance with a focus in Nutritional Sciences. His doctoral work focused on the use of cognitive enhancement agents in college students. He has published peer-reviewed literature and conducted research in the fields of exercise and nutrition science.  William has taught nutrition at the university level focusing his teaching on supplemental nutrition. Additionally, he has extensive experience in the nutraceutical field and has conducted work in every stage of research and development including clinical research, product development, quality, and compliance. Currently, he oversees product development, and quality assurance for several midwestern nutraceutical companies, serving as their Chief Science Officer.

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